Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can I just say

What a year 2008 turn out to be. Let's see I was excepted into the nursing program at Lamar. Only when I started they handed me this killer exam, then came the note card to go take another exam. I thought my gawd! I am flunking out the first week. But No I was advised to become a Doctor not a nurse.

But I didn't care for the drama that thrives in Beaumont so Arron packed up all 300 pair of shoes Again and moved me back home.

Oh yeah Arron! We decided that after 18 months apart from each other we really loved each other and so we decided to try US again.

We also decided that since our childern where getting older we missed the pitter patter of paws around the house . So Arron decided it was time to fulfill his wish for a new baby. King Alexander Zirion joined our family on July 5th. His big sister Ajahlia and big brother Bud however where not thrilled with a little pest. You know teenagers! My two legged teenagers also caused some hair color to change last year. Keith and Samantha where so kind as to bring Oscar Trevino into our lives. And now we affecentionly refer to him as a family friend who happens to be our lawyer. With the help of some Angels they both made it through their first year of college, but decided living at home was MUCH easier! Cody also had the protection of Angels, as he took up a career as a crash test dummie. His Angels sure could fly fast thank goodness.

Then lets see , oh yeah the greatest thing happened! I found my birth mother. Yep and she told me awesome news I have two brothers, a sister n law, grandparents, a dad and step dad ad a niece and two newphews.

So I would have to say 2008 goes down on the books as a fantastic year!